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The 3 Best NIR Sauna Brands To Buy

1) SaunaComfy

2) SaunaFix

3) SaunaSpace

Near Infrared Sauna Comparison
This article will take a look at the top 3 near infrared saunas that are available on the market today. We will detail the features of each model and discuss their finer points in an effort to help you choose which is the right fit for your home and your health. Let’s start by taking brief look at the technology and purported health benefits of residential near infrared saunas before we take an in depth look at the top 3 models.

Near infrared light therapy uses invisible light wavelengths of varying strengths to deliver energy directly to the body’s cells, starting a chain of metabolic changes. One such change is an increased blood flow which provides a greater level of nutrients and oxygen, allowing cells to regenerate and work more effectively. Medical studies have shown that the use of near infrared therapy can stimulate healing at a cellular level and be a useful tool in relieving chronic pain. Unlike traditional red light therapy, the light from these wavelengths is not visible and actively penetrates the body’s tissues at a deeper level, working to heal bone, muscle, soft tissue and joints. This FDA approved, all-natural therapy has become increasingly popular, leading many to seek out units for residential use. Let’s take a look at 3 of the best near infrared saunas on the market.

Sauna Comfy

The Sauna Comfort Company offers a full line of near infrared products with your ultimate health in mind. First in their line-up is the Sauna Comfy Portable Sauna. Like all of the units offered by Sauna Comfort, this unit is made from Wisconsin Basswood and accented with stainless steel hardware. With 4 infrared bulbs offering a total of 1,000 total watts, this well made unit is designed with more than 200 individual parts to provide a quality product.

One of the most convenient features of this model is the count down time with an automatic shut off. This allows the user to perfectly time their therapy session while relaxing and not worrying about watching the clock. Another user-friendly feature is the ability to choose how many bulbs to use during each session with just the flick of a switch. Turn on one, two, three or four bulbs for maximum light therapy.

This unit fits perfectly in their separately sold 100% Basswood sauna or can be placed on a counter top, table, chair or hung with the stainless steel hooks that are included with purchase. At exactly 2 feet high and just under 2 feet wide, this well-crafted unit weighs in at 17 pounds and uses only 8.3 amps of power.

This company also offers the Mini Comfy, a small, portable unit that is classified as therapy bulb. This single bulb unit is highly portable and light-weight enough for travel. Designed to target specific areas, this unit is a great choice for those interested in focusing treatment on a particular area such as hands, feet, neck or lower back. Another great use for this mini unit is for facial treatments to help to even out and rejuvenate skin tone.

Sauna Fix

Making its debut in 2014, the Sauna Fix near infrared sauna has been rigorously tested by Underwriters Laboratory, earning the UL stamp of approval. With an ongoing commitment to quality and safety, the Sauna Fix brand is recognized as being one of the highest quality near infrared saunas in the market. Let’s explore some of the features that have earned them this prestigious title.

Sauna Fix infrared units boast a low EMF rating and some thoughtful design features. One feature users will appreciate is their use of a proprietary, non-toxic blend of metal and polymers to create light guards that do not become hot enough to burn the skin if accidentally touched during operation. These well-designed threaded guards require no assembly.

Demonstrating their commitment to safety and quality, the Sauna Fix residential use infrared sauna is CE and RoHS certified in addition to the aforementioned UL certification. According to their website, Sauna Fix units emit zero toxins and supply a variety of health benefits. These units are ideal for the conversion of a shower or existing home sauna into a near infrared sauna. A sauna tent is also available from Sauna Fix and is sold separately.

The Sauna Fix base model near infrared sauna measures 23” x 17” and weighs in at 31 pounds, giving it a slightly smaller, but heavier footprint than the Sauna Comfy model we reviewed previously. This model includes complimentary rope ratchet hangers, a portable storage and travel bag and a pair of near infrared eye protection glasses.


Next up is the near infrared sauna unit from Sauna Space. Advertised as being the World’s only zero EMF sauna, this unit makes an impressive entry into our line-up. Touted as emitting both zero magnetic field and zero electric field, the product line from SaunaSpace incorporates sleek, modern design with some of the highest safety ratings around. Offering a full line of products for the home near infrared sauna enthusiast, SaunaSpace manufactures a 4 light panel incandescent near infrared unit, a single light unit designed for targeting specific areas, a sauna enclosure, benches, stools and accessories. Let’s take a closer look at the Incandescent Near Infrared 4 Light Panel.

The SaunaSpace 4 light unit offers a great solution for those wishing to convert their current far infrared sauna into a near infrared sauna. The incandescent, re-filtered lights offer a full-spectrum of wavelengths for maximum healing and detoxification. Like the Sauna Comfy product line, SaunaSpace exclusively uses North American Basswood, skipping oil or chemical treatments in favor of hand polishing to prevent outgassing. Their hardware and lamp guards are made from steel chrome that is never treated or powder-coated. The lamp guards feature a thin mesh with a low thermal mass to prevent over-heating and the possibility of burns.

Like the Sauna Comfy unit we reviewed, the SaunaSpace 4 bulb unit offers the convenience of choosing how many bulbs to use in each session. Their website recommends that users who are new to infrared therapy or who may be sensitive to heat begin therapy sessions using only 1 bulb and gradually work up to using all 4 bulbs. This thoughtful design feature makes it the perfect choice for beginners.

Each SaunaSpace 4 bulb infrared sauna unit comes with easy to use, tool-free mounting hardware and a carrying handle for convenient transport. This unit has been designed for use in the shower, in a pre-existing sauna, the SaunaSpace enclosure or as a stand alone unit in any part of your home. Measuring just under 2 feet by 2 feet, the 4 bulb unit from SaunaSpace weighs in at just 15 pounds making it the lightest of the units we have reviewed and possibly the best choice for those wishing to travel with their near infrared sauna unit.

This article has provided reviews of 3 of the highest quality, most well regarded near infrared sauna units available on the market today. There are many user reported and medically supported reasons to utilize near infrared sauna light therapy. Just a few of the many reported benefits include:

• Boosting your metabolism
• Provides energy directly to the body’s cells
• Recharges and revitalizes the body’s mitochondria
• Encourages the regeneration of cells
• Increases blood flow, improving the circulation
• Provides a boost in overall energy
• Encourages white blood cell production
• Potential increase in metabolism
• Potential reduction of overall percentage of body fat
• Potential weight loss
• Reduction of inflammation in the soft tissues of the body.
• Faster muscle and tissue repair
• Faster post work out recovery time
• Relief from pain
• Relief from arthritis and other forms of joint pain
• Improved flexibility
• A more even toned and youthful complexion

Recent research has even reported that Photobiomodulation, the scientific name for near infrared light therapy, even has the potential to be useful in the treatment of cancer. Studies report that when near infrared light therapy is applied to cancer cells, the cells will begin to swell before finally bursting, leading to the death of the cancer cell. Near infrared light therapy, or, photobiomodulation, also called photoimmunotherapy when used to treat cancer, is currently being used in clinical trials for cancer patients who have inoperable tumors

Whether you are choosing a residential near infrared sauna unit for sport recovery, it’s anti-aging properties, for lessening chronic pain or for the treatment of a more serious condition, there is no denying that this form of light therapy can be beneficial for a wide variety of users. The 3 near infrared sauna units we have reviewed for you today are all sound choices for those wishing to undergo this cutting edge form of light therapy. Some things to consider when selecting your model are ease of use, the ability to select the number of light bulbs utilized, the weight if you are planning to travel with your unit, and finally, the safety and design features. We hope this guide offered helpful information on your quest to select your own near infrared sauna.